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Euwman was born from the experience of its founders in international markets in the fields of Finance, Technology, Law and Communication

We have responded to the growing demand for MiFID II compliant platforms and provided an efficient, paperless, cost-effective and flexible solution to companies and professionals in the wealth management

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Created for financial advisors by financial advisors. Supported by a team of professionals who are well aware of the lack of time, risk of human error in addition to the high cost of the IT platforms necessary to perform the profession in the best possible way.

Our technological solution offers a one-stop shop, which allows all information relating to customers and investment products to be collected and analyzed using a precise, effective, timely tool without the risk of human error.


Euwman Fintech srl was established in Milan in February 2018. Since 18/04/2018 it has been registered in the special section of the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce as an innovative start-up. It has developed and owns the technological platform, called SirFin, which allows the management of some financial services governed by MiFID II. SirFin is certified (ISO / IEC 25023).

Why choose us

we provide a tool with the highest quality standards, intuitive and within everyone's reach

Our Mission

Provide a complete and technologically advanced work tool to all market operators

What you get

The peace of mind of being able to do your customer-focused work

The added value

Simplicity, safety and precision quickly customized to your needs

We have created a unique platform for everyone
An exclusive product that knows how to be inclusive

Responsive Framework

Intuitive Interface

Flexible Licensing

Fully Customizable

Cloud Ready


MiFid Compliance


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